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The Ford Taunus TC1 is declined in 5 levels of completions and equipment.
You will find here the main external differences of these levels.

Standard L XL GT GXL Wheels
Ford TAUNUS (Standard) - Saloon 2 doors - Saloon 4 doors - Station Wagon 5 doors

This is the 'basic' model. You can easily recognize it because of the bumpers with no rubbers, and the hubcaps looking like chinese hat, and round headlights. Usually, these are station-wagons, like the one illustrated up there.
On the rear side, no level is indicated, just the 'Taunus' logo and the 4 letters 'FORD'. No spécific chromed lines on the body.
On station-wagon, bumpers are all linear. On saloon and Coupé, the bumpers are middle refined, in order to set the number plate of the car.
Now, let's have a look to the 'L' models.

Ford TAUNUS L - Saloon 2 doors - Saloon 4 doors - Station Wagon 5 doors - Coupé

'L' (Luxury) differs from the basic model: bumpers with black rubbers, more worked hubcap (the central part, partially painted in gray, shows the FORD name in a blue circle).

Ford TAUNUS XL - Saloon 2 doors - Saloon 4 doors - Station Wagon 5 doors - Sport Coupé

XL: Comfort and Luxury! The radiator grill hosts large rectangular headlights. This model has chromed parts everywhere: around the rear side and lights, around the glasses (hiding the black windshield rubber and back window), arround the wheels (archwheels), on each side of the roof and on the exhaust system !
Wheels are fully decorated with hubcap and additive ring, witch uses the color of the car in some places. (around the holes).
On the back, there's no letters 'FORD', but an aluminum bar which runs all over the width of the car, between the lights. Black 'FORD' letters are empressed here.
Look here, under the bumpers, there is two additional vertical bumper parts. They are present with the front bumper too. But, they are mising on most of ford documents, they are usually optional.

Ford TAUNUS GT - Saloon 2 doors - Saloon 4 doors - Sport Coupé

This is the 'sport' model, but still comfortable! Sport look is created by black painted radiator grill, with the 'GT' logo and two additional headlights, Some chromed line are left around the radiator grill.
This is not an XL. There's no chromed bar at the rear, and no chromed archwheels. The 'back side' of the car is the same than the 'L' model, but is painted in black, for 'sport' looking.
Of course, the tires of the 'GT' models are larger: 175SR13 ( 165R13 on 'L' & 'XL' models ).

Ford TAUNUS GXL - Saloon 2 doors - Saloon 4 doors - Sport Coupé

Here is the top. The 'GXL' model is simply the mix of the 'XL' and 'GT' models. Chromed parts, aluminum back bar, black 'sport' color, and additional headlights, nothing misses.
Not enought: the roof is covered with a superb black vinyl film, and there is additionnal line on the side of the car (running from the flashing light indicator to the back lights).
The 'GXL' has also specific larger road wheels.

Ford TAUNUS Wheels






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