1970's Models - INSTRUMENTS

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Interiors differs with the car bodys (4 doors, 2 doors, station wagon) (doors parts, parcel shelf...) but the equipment level, materials and tissues are coming with the car model.

Standard & L XL GT GXL
Ford instruments panels "TAUNUS L" & Standard

(1) Light Switch
(2) Warning Switch
(3) Warning light
(4) Left Indicator Light
(5) Gazoline Level
(6) Oil presure Light
(7) Counter & headlight indicator
(8) Battery loaded light
(9) Water Temperature
(10) Right Indicator Light
(11) Windscreen washer

(12) Radio protection
(13) Air fan speed & temperature
(14) Air intake
(15) Glove box
(16) Indicators / Lights / Horn
(17) Open Hood
(18) Windscreen washer pump
(19) Start key
(20) Cigar lighter
(21) Ash box

Ford instruments panels "TAUNUS XL"

(1) Left Indicator Light
(2) Gazoline level
(3) Oil presure light
(4) Speed Indicator
(5) Counter & Headlight indicator
(6) Electric Clock
(7) Electric Load Light
(8) Right Indicator Light
(9) Clock set
(10) Contact / Start
(11) Open Hood
(12) Water Temperature
The 'XL' has an electric clock in the right frame witch basic models ('standard' and 'L') don't have.
So, gazoline level is set into the left frame.

'XL' has also a key-closed glove box. The car comes with two different keys.
The 1st one opens the doors, the luggage door, the glove box, and runs the engine.
The 2nd one can only open the doors and run the engine. When gonig to the hotel, you will give this 2nd key to the park staff !

Look at the false wood parts.

Ford instruments panels "TAUNUS GT"

This sport model must have a engine rotate speed gauge !
This one is set into the right frame. The clock is set in the left frame. In the middle frame, there is the speed indicator, the total counter, and a partial counter.

So there's no more room for gazoline gauge and water temperature. So they are set in the middle console. There is also 2 new indicators, as oil preasure and battery voltage.

Look at the specific gear selector.

Ford instruments panels "TAUNUS GXL"

As outside parts, 'GXL' inside is the mix between 'XL' and 'GT'.

So we can find again false wood parts, but the steering wheel is like the 'GT' one.

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