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Purchase Describing the car

This car is bought by my grand father in 1971. Signed at the end of April, the purchase order indicates:
Model: FORD TC
Body: TAUNUS 1300 XL Coupé
Color: 1- Pacific Blue, 2 Green Ivy
XL Badge

The vehicle is invoiced 2240 Euros (14 680 French Francs), with a supplement of 30 Euros (200 FRF) for the type of selected painting.
September 13, 1971, the Coupé is delivered under the 1st choice of color: Pacific blue. With the provided fuel, the temporary registration and metalic paint, the total cost is 2380 Euros (15 618 FRF).
(A the time, average wages were only a few hundred French Francs)

Describing the car
Ford Paper head Taunus TC 1971 Coupé - Front

Plastic parts are not welcome at this time, and surely not outside. Just look...
(I help you: flashing light indicators and radiator grill badge, that's all)
Rest is only metalic parts, chromed bumpers with rubber, aluminum radiator grill.
Alas, for the next models, the radiator grill will be made with black plastic, then, the badge will dissapear, and the four metalic letters 'FORD' will be placed on the right of the radiator grill (plastic letters), instead of the top of the hood.

Taunus TC 1971 Coupé - Back side

Rear side of the Coupé is (in my opinion) very well drawn. Only Back lights are build in plastic.
You can find the 'Taunus' logo on the right, followed by the equipment level: XL.
Ford oval logo will reappear latter. (it is only set on the doors footboards). The 4 letters are pressed on the aluminum bar.

Sport 'GT' models have no aluminum bar, but a specific black color.
Rear window is almost square, but so tilted, that rear visibility is quite bad.

Taunus TC 1971 Coupé - Side

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