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Cortina - England

Today, 'FORD Europ' is creating and building Ford cars.
But, in 1970, there is two FORD groups for our continent: 'Ford Germany' and 'Ford UK'.
Each Ford group was producing its own ford models.

There was some links between these two groups, and the arrival of the new TC1 Taunus, was, in UK, the arrival of the MK3 Cortina.
In Great Britain, the name 'Cortina' was already used for cars, and the MK3 came as the 3th model in the Cortina series: MK1 & MK2.
However, there is some differences betwenn TC1 and MK3, let's see some of them:

- Cortina's Flash indicators are smaller.
- The hood 'noze' is more larger and plate, that's also gives another radiator grill shape.
- Rear fender are more embossed like a wave.
- Back lights and luggage door are very different.

TC1 Taunus TC1 Saloon 4 doors 1975 (L)

MK3 Cortina Saloon 4 doors 1975 (GXL)

MK3 Cortina Saloon 2 doors 1975 (XL)

MK3 Cortina Station Wagon 1975 (GXL)

On the station wagon, the 'wave' embossed rear fender is very visible.
Cortina's body are: Saloon 4 and 2 doors and station wagon.
However, there is also pick-up cortinas or commercial van. It is possible to find them in the 'common wealth', or in australia...

When 'Ford Europ' is created, cars evolutions will be the same: UK's Cortinas MK4 & 5 are exactly TC2 & 3 from germany.

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