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This page shows you some TC1 details that i noticed, excluding main official evolutions.

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Handles of Station-Wagons

In the 1970 guide

Some 1st models ?

Most of the TC1

TC2 and TC3

Bumpers Protections

1970 Guide

On my own Coupé 1971

Optional (1974) & Cortina

Founded on a TC1 bis


Roof lights

On the very firsts models (1970-1971...), the inside light was set in the middle of the roof, just over the seat's back.

Then, this light was moved near the central rear view mirror, between the passengers sun protections.

Sun protections

The Roof types

According to the level, materials used inside the car may differs.
This is a sample of the plastic tissue used for the roof.

Here is a picture of the plastic tissue for a station wagon, model L.
On the other hand, for the XL models, quality is quite best, and the tissue has small holes that makes it beautifull.

Gear command

Door lock button

Bouchons de carter supérieur

heating radiator bloc


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