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First of all, i want to thanks my grand father, who bought this Coupé, and who knew how to maintain it in the good way.
Impassioned by mechanics, he still remembered, for example, the cylinder fire order of the 'Breguet' planes V10 engines, He was working on these engines for its studies.
Then, thank you dady and thank you godfather. (my godfather was working at Ford). I think they have 'pushed' the choice of the Taunus Coupé.
(The last car my grand father own was an 'Ami 8' station wagon Citroen, and he was disappointed about its road capabilities. But... choosing a Taunus Coupé was a real big change!
My father followed very quickly with the purchase of a station-wagon TC1 1300.
Finally, I thank all the team ! Without them, this site realisation would not have been possible, they are: ... hum... just ME!
A special thank to Yvan and Stephane (members of the Old Ford Virtual Club). They send me pictures and scan of documents, so i finally could illustrate my website pages as i wished to.
Thanks to my website visitors, who send me, via emails, one picture - or more - of their own Taunus, datas or remarks, so they contribute in the quality of this website.
To finish, thank YOU, not only for your interest in my website, but for your interest in 'Old Cars'.

Some Fun...

This is an happy website for happy people.

Needed To build this website:
  • Pentium 90 computer, then Pentium III 800, and then Pentium 4 up to 2.5Ghz
  • A reflex camera
  • An APS camera
  • An A4 Scanner
  • A Video cam
  • A digital camera with video capture
  • A modem and an internet link
  • The source editor Arachnophilia was used for building some pages
  • The picture software Adobe Photoshop
  • The Database manager Visual FoxPro to generate some pages from data files

    But also
  • 245 M&M Yelow, 226 Blue, 215 Red, 199 Brown
  • 59 chocolate bars
  • 27 nuts chocolate parts
  • 24 liters of fruts juice
  • 2 boxes of aspirin...

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