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MP3 - How does a Taunus TC1 sounds like ?
MP3 - How does a Taunus TC1 sounds like ?
July 2001, i finally decide myself to visit my car.
It hasn't run since 6 months, and was hidde by a dusty-coat...
After a simple level control, some engine 'hand-turn',
this is what it sounds like... MP3 ! (bassbooster required!)

40 Ko2"
'Clouc' sound when oppenig the door
100 Ko6"
Gear shift lever (1 Back & 4 Forward)
100 Ko6"
Start! Let's wait the gazoline coming...
800 Ko50"
Start! Vroum... Manual Starter is set to the maximum.
1.3 Mo1'22"
Another start, tring to find the best carburation...
600 Ko35"
Moving slowly in the car-box (1 meter)
70 Ko4"
'Clounnnnnnng' sound when closing the luggage boot.

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