Models 'after' the TAUNUS TC1

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MK4 (1976-1979) MK5 (1979-1983) SIERRA (1983-1993)
Ford TAUNUS TC2 / Cortina MK4 (1976 - 1979)

1976: Ford présents its 'New Taunus TC2'. Completly new ? Yes and No !

YES: you saw that quickly, the car is fully redrawn. Good-bye small US design. Welcome sober shapes, of a traditionnal european car.
The hood is flat, top of the fenders too, flashing light indicators are set near the headlights. The aluminium wheels hightlights the hight side models.
TC2 models are: Standard, L, GL, S and Ghia.
The bumpers are still chromed looking, but the rubber took importance. Some chromed lines hightlights the body and frame the radiator grill.
I was forgoting: oval 'Ford' logo is reborn.

No: Mechanics haven't change: same engines, same structure, same rigid rear axle, etc...
The Instrument panel is unchanged, only the sterring wheel is new.
Optionals and Build-in options appears. Warning system, Electric front glass washer, laminated windshield, anti-ice warmer on the rear window...
GHIA models have also headlights washer, intermitents main glass washer, and wood completion inside. (not false wood looking lines, REAL wood - at the top of the doors for example)

Ford TAUNUS TC3 / Cortina MK5 (1979 - 1983)

New style in 1979. TC3, 80's Taunus is born. This evolution is presented like increasingly more comfortable.
TC3 models are: Standard, L, GL, GLS and Ghia.
It is easy to distinguish the TC3 from the TC2, because the flashing light indicators are larger, in order to return on fenders sides. There's no chromed lines around the radiator grill. Left and right sides of the bumpers are plastic ones, going on the fender to the wheel archs.
Additional air intake were also arranged under the front bumper.
Backside, the bumper is no more chromed. Rear lights are larger than the TC2 ones, so, 'TAUNUS' letters, engine capacity, and the 'Ford' logo are now on the luggage trunk.
Again, Ford put on the equipment and options... tinted glass, radio, glove box with light...

Ford SIERRA (1983 - 1993)

1983: SIERRA is revealated, and Taunus name disappear.
So, this is not a Taunus car, but there is a reason to put this car here. (I own myself a sierra station-wagion, but there is another reason). Be patient!
This time, it is a really new car. Sierra profits from a new global frame, 4 independent wheels (no more rigid rear axle), new 5 gear box...
It has really good dynamic qualities and allows powerful engines to give their best.
Its form was a result of wind-tests. TC1 designers are very far away!
On the other hand, wheel drives are always the rear ones, and the engines are always... the sames !

We could say that the family TC1, TC2, TC3 & Sierra are 'mechanically friends'. V6 engines were from the Capri and Granada models, so...

You can put an electronic sierra system into your TC, in order to improve consumption and power. If you drive your Taunus TC everyday, it is interesting, in the long terms, to put in it an engine and a 5 gear system from a Sierra. Be carefull! brake system must be ok with the new engine power!

Last point, least one: The Sierra proposed also diesel engines.

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