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I'm the owner of a 1971' Ford TAUNUS (well... more at this time...). It's a car that we no longer sees, but it's a great one. I dedicate these pages to ancient car lovers.
They belong to our patrimony, and do not have to disappear.
You will (re)discover here the 70' Ford Taunus (TC1 / MK3), models and changes.
I hope you will enjoy visiting this website. Franck.

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10/10/2008 It is quite late about that, but i've just wrote the story of my new car, a saloon a 1973' GXL 1600.
I've starded to update the colors page
And, as usual, some new links.
1600 GXL
15/05/2008 New pictures sended by my visitors are now 'on-line'
15/03/2008 Some new links...
15/02/2008 More informations for TC 70s colors
28/11/2007 For automatic news and update datas, and RSS stream mis now available.

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15/10/2008 Voici une image du court-métrage "Casse Pipe"
in witch my GXL car as a real place!
02/11/2006 French rock band called "DEJA VU" has made his new video-clip, in Lyon's streets, using the NICO's Ford Taunus. Media section, Vidéo clip "The big escape"

01/04/2006 GAZOLINE #122 (04.2006) presents the second part of the article about Taunus (from 1967 to 1982)
01/03/2006 Obsolete Club France is counting Ford over 25 years old
23/02/2006 GAZOLINE #121 (03.2006) presents the first part of an article about Taunus (from 1939 to 1966) and selects collectibles scale models... Let's go to your favorite press dealer !
06/11/2005 Taunus TC1 on the scene...
Belgian TV channels: Electrabel gives us a new TV campain. The 45' TV spot - really good one - shows us a TC1 Taunus...
(you can download this spot from the Electrabel website)

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